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Uniting Cyprus
Through Collaborative
Innovation and Investment

Abundance, through locality


Catalyzing Cyprus' Ecosystem Evolution.

We are mediators orchestrating the collaboration of stakeholders, experts, and investors.


Is to foster innovative ecosystems by bridging industry leaders, established entities, VCs, and burgeoning talent, ensuring the development of projects that resonate with the unique needs and opportunities of Cyprus.

Designed Grass Field



Innovation and Technology

Pioneering cutting-edge solutions to drive progress and efficiency

Sustainable Development

Advocating for environmentally friendly practices and sustainable community projects

Collaborative Ecosystems

Bridging the gap between different sectors to foster a unified approach to challenges

Community Engagement

Ensuring active involvement and inclusion of local communities in our initiatives

Education and Skill Development

Partnering with educational institutions to enhance learning and skill-building for future challenges


​Investment Facilitation Platform


Creating a platform that connects startups and innovative projects in Cyprus with potential investors, venture capitalists, and funding bodies, facilitating investment opportunities and financial growth

Ecosystem Development Consultancy

Offering specialized consultancy services to businesses and startups to help them integrate into Cyprus' growing innovative ecosystem, including guidance on market entry, strategic partnerships, and regulatory compliance

Expertise Exchange Programs


 Organizing exchange programs where industry experts, mentors, and seasoned entrepreneurs can share their knowledge and experience with emerging talents and companies in Cyprus, fostering a knowledge-rich environment

Collaborative Project



Providing an incubation service for collaborative projects that combines the strengths of established industry leaders, local enterprises, and innovative new talents, focusing on projects that address unique needs and opportunities in Cyprus

Networking and Event Management


Hosting and managing a range of networking events, workshops, and seminars aimed at bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, including technology, finance, and academia, to encourage collaboration and idea exchange in the Cypriot ecosystem

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