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Locally Sustained,
Globally Connected

Abundance, through locality

We are more than an organization.

We are a transformative force dedicated to making Famagusta a global exemplar of innovation, resilience, and sustainability through pioneering research & development and progressive policymaking.


The Vision

FAMAGUSTA: A global benchmark for innovative and sustainable living.


Through the power of R&D and forward-thinking policymaking, we aspire to foster a city that stands for economic resilience, environmental stewardship, and social inclusiveness.

Designed Grass Field

The Mission

Our mission drives Famagusta's transformation. By focusing on the pillars of R&D and policymaking, we create a platform that incubates innovation and influences policies, promoting a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.


Our Focus

Food Security 

Following the developments of the past few years, we recognise the vitality for every region to become independent from the fragile global distribution system. The introduction of more circular practises in agriculture, regenerative farming and agri-tech offers the possibility for an abundant local future.

Energy Sector 

To achieve energy independency, reasearch and industry must come together to provide innovative solutions for decarbonised energy capture and storage, adapted to the local economy, with the focus on promoting economic development powered by sustainable practises. 

Business Development

Digitalizing business-doing through platforms of business creation, networking, and alternative education. Promoting the emergence of blockchain technology (DAOs, Defi) to allow accessibility and efficiency in the creation of new entities, to create channels for innovative thinkers to come together and provide the fundamental knowledge for new ideas to be embodied into startups and investment opportunities. 


Communities should have a say in matters that have a direct influence on their reality. The creation of the Ignite Think Tank allows for a space of open discussion for the regional development of Famagusta and allows citizens to discuss possible solutions and policy recommendations. We create a platform of discussion and discourse, where the community is involved in shaping their future, with the driving principles of transparency.



Our efforts are rooted in finding and implementing novel solutions to local challenges.


Committed to practices that respect our environment, we ensure that Famagusta thrives for generations to come.


We strive to influence policies that accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.


We value diversity and strive to create opportunities for all community members, regardless of age, gender, or background.


Trust and credibility are at the heart of our operations, thanks to our commitment to transparency.

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