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Locally Sustained,
Globally Connected

Abundance, through locality

The Vision

To empower locals to be able to identify and solve their problems by following a certain strategy that is consensual by the stakeholders of the region and is dedicated exclusively to them.

Provide a common goal for the collective development of the region and expand the current ecosystem by integrating innovative industries.

Introducing a collaborative business model and enabling the community to have an input in decision-making, not against the governing officials, but collaboratively along them.


The Mission 

To empower community governance models through 'igniting' discussions and designing solutions around four main pillars



Food Security

Business Development


Our Focus

Food Security 

Following the developments of the past few years, we recognise the vitality for every region to become independent from the fragile global distribution system. The introduction of more circular practises in agriculture, regenerative farming and agri-tech offers the possibility for an abundant local future.

Energy Sector 

To achieve energy independency, reasearch and industry must come together to provide innovative solutions for decarbonised energy capture and storage, adapted to the local economy, with the focus on promoting economic development powered by sustainable practises. 

Business Development

Digitalizing business-doing through platforms of business creation, networking, and alternative education. Promoting the emergence of blockchain technology (DAOs, Defi) to allow accessibility and efficiency in the creation of new entities, to create channels for innovative thinkers to come together and provide the fundamental knowledge for new ideas to be embodied into startups and investment opportunities. 


Communities should have a say in matters that have a direct influence on their reality. The creation of the Ignite Think Tank allows for a space of open discussion for the regional development of Famagusta and allows citizens to discuss possible solutions and policy recommendations. We create a platform of discussion and discourse, where the community is involved in shaping their future, with the driving principles of transparency.





Local Sovereignty





Panagiotis Zantis was born in 1998 and raised in the village of Ayia Napa, Famagusta. Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from De Montfort University in Leicester and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Energy Policy at the University of Sussex. Currently working as a Food and Beverage Manager at Amethyst Hotel.


Konstantia is 24-years-old, born and raised in Paralimni, Famagusta. Qualified lawyer working in the Marketing industry. Pursued a law degree followed by a Master's Degree in E-Business (E-Marketing) and a bar traineeship in a law firm in Nicosia. Small business owner of a fashion e-commerce brand, with freelance experience in marketing and branding, currently working as a Social Media Executive for a Leading Marketing Agency in Nicosia.

Meet kyriakos

Kyriakos Attouni was born and raised in Sotira, Famagusta, pursuing his studies in Molecular Genetics at King’s College London. During his studies he was part of a university spin-off company, Renervate Therapeutics, working on novel therapeutics approaches for Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI). Kyriakos is currently working with a computational drug design start-up, based in San Francisco, Norachem.

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